Greening Sovereign Debt: Building a Nature and Climate Sovereign Bond Facility

August 1, 2021Published by Green Finance Platform

This report from the Finance for Biodiversity Initiative sets out a proposal to establish a nature and climate sovereign bond facility. Such a facility would help to address the short-term sovereign debt crisis in ways that drive a green and inclusive recovery, the authors argue.

The facility would provide a range of services to creditors and debtors that advance nature and climate-linked debt agreements, the paper explains. It would build on the experience of similar platforms that support green and sustainability bonds.

The paper notes that many aspects of the proposal are already under consideration by the World Bank and its partners. It argues that these efforts should be supported and amplified through the frame of the G20 and the G7, as well as other forthcoming meetings on climate and biodiversity.

This page was last updated October 22, 2021

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